3 Shopping online mistakes we are all guilty of doing

3 Shopping online mistakes we are all guilty of doing

Do you shop online? If so, I will wager eating my boot that you are guilty of at least one of these online shopping mistakes. They seem to be unavoidable just because of the way the internet works.

Want to know what these mistakes are?


1. Overpaying

Basically, we are talking about the “I came, I saw, I bought” situation.
Sometimes we don’t have time.
Sometimes we like the shop.
And sometimes, we are lazy to look for the same product online.

But once we see it on Facebook or at a friend’s house, we immediately go online and buy it. However, if you’ve spent only 10 minutes reading review online and looking at similar (or even same product) at different stores, you could’ve gotten it 10%, 20% or even 30% cheaper.

Not paying enough

2. Not paying enough

This may seem like a contradiction to the first mistake, but in fact, it’s only the other end of the stick. Again, due to lack of time, lack of will to do research or simply by TRYING to save money, we end up underpaying.
You may claim that you ended saved money, but did you really?
Instead of paying 2% more, you chose to buy from an unverified source despite the risks. You may end up waiting for two months until your package arrives, you may be getting a cheap knock off that will break on the second time you use it. And worst of all, you are risking of not getting your package at all. Which could mean hard or downright impossible to get a refund.
In that case, have you really saved money?

Wasting too much time

3. Wasting too much time

If you are not guilty of the first two which constitute not having enough time, chances are this is the mistake you keep doing it. Researching your desired object and places that sell it but sometimes, enough is enough.
Remember when you couldn’t make up your mind between that blue thing and the green one? Or was is brown and red?

Life’s too short to be stuck on the color of a dress, or a toy-gun or anything else. Unless you are buying a $10,000 ring, just make the decision and move on. Don’t spend over 30 minutes on buying a low-cost product. It’s just not worth it.

Have we all made mistakes shopping online? Of course, we have. But it’s the learning from those mistakes that in the end really matters.