Best online shops you didn’t hear about

Best online shops you didn’t hear about

We all have our favorite places to get coffee, to buy clothes and shop for electronics. But the online world is vast and if you let it, it will uncover amazing gems that you didn’t even dream of existing.

Here are my top online shops that you haven’t probably heard about:



I am always reluctant to buy clothes online. Will they look as I imagine? Will they fit? However, occasionally when the price is right and I love the piece, I will make a purchase online. One place I recently discovered was the NA-KD online shop for women’s clothes.
I am often blown away by their collections and I’m not afraid to buy as not only they offer free shipping worldwide, but also free returns.

The Evolution Store

evolution store

Whether a good science-themed handbag for you, or a gift for someone else, chances are you will be coming back to the Evolution Store time and time again. It’s simply too cool for a one-time visit.

Flight 001

flight 101 shop

If you travel a lot and would like to make the experience a little more comfortable, Flight 101 might be the solution. What can you expect? While it’s probably better to see for yourself, in essence, Flight 101 has a wide collection of travel accessories from eye masks to modern and durable suitcases.

Shop list for Christmas


Enough with the socks! If you are tired of boring Christmas gifts, start by giving something remarkable yourself. Even if it’s socks, you could get one-of-a-kind pair from Injinji. If you a present for your boyfriend/husband, maybe pick out something from ThinkGeek or from Weathered Coalition. Or, look for shops like Lyfted Gift Co. where you will be able to complete your Christmas gift list in one go.